Jo David Meyer Lysne & Mats Eilertsen



Jo David Meyer Lysne (b. 94) & Mats Eilertsen (b.   75) are releasing their strong album debut, with   music mainly written by Meyer Lysne. The music   is   mostly inspired by the landscape surrounding   “Sluten” at Filefjell (NO), where the first   compositions were made. Beautiful and nordic   landscapes is reflected through quietly, acoustic   and dynamic interplay where the melodies,   compositions and free improvisations forms the   acoustic interplay between the guitar and the   double bass .

Meyer Lysne is working on expanding the timbers   of the guitar, and this opens up for doing new   things within the traditional guitar/bass duo-format, and makes the duo take unexpected   directions and presenting different soundscapes.      In the compositions they are working with   alternating different roles, which gives the   music variation and a clearly dramaturgical   structure. Through different moods and states of   mind, the record brings the listener a story. The   long run is as important as the small details.

Apearing on:

Jenny Berger Myhre


The Lumen Lake/Canigou Records

Lint assembles field recordings, fragments of song, textures, loops, lo-fi electronics into dusty but always-sunlit collages. The album, composed, recorded and produced by Myhre and mastered by Lasse Marhaug, is a diary and scrapbook in sound, a window into the artist’s world, at once extraordinarily intimate and open, unapologetic, inclusive.

Jenny’s own notes on Lint:

“The sound material of which this album is made, has been collected in the years between 2011 and 2016. I try to use my sound recorder in the same way I use a camera - capturing moments, not necessarily important moments, but allowing them to grow in the archive.

I think photographing and recording are quite similar in this aspect… With photography, the moment changes quite a lot over time, the photo being one version of it, the moment becoming something of its own. With a recording, however, I find that the nostalgia can be even more physical. The sound can completely throw me back into a past moment, like a smell. I would record small sketches for songs as well as my friends talking, bird calls, a bike ride, and from there I would compose with all of these.

Most of my song-writing (the working process) I...  more.