Jo David Meyer Lysne & Mats Eilertsen

Øra Fonogram 2017

Jo David Meyer Lysne (b. 94) & Mats Eilertsen (b. 75) are releasing their strong album debut, with music mainly written by Meyer Lysne. The music is mostly inspired by the landscape surrounding “Sluten” at Filefjell (NO), where the first compositions were made. Beautiful and nordic landscapes is reflected through quietly, acoustic and dynamic interplay where the melodies, compositions and free improvisations forms the acoustic interplay between the guitar and the double bass.

«My grandfather build our cabin at Sluten. All the material had to be sent on a wire over the river that runs in front of the cabin. He was great at building stuff, a skill I think he appreciated to learn me when I was a child. He had a cold, tiny room in the basement where we would make things out of wood, and I always had a project. Today I´m still searching for things to build to get new timbers from the guitar. By «re-building» the guitar I find new timbers, which can be the basis for new compositions. I´m searching for ways to make an illusion that the sound of the guitar is bigger than it is, or that it might sound like a totally different instrument» (Meyer Lysne)

Meyer Lysne is working on expanding the timbers of the guitar, and this opens up for doing new things within the traditional guitar/bass duo-format, and makes the duo take unexpected directions and presenting different soundscapes. Eilertsen is an experienced performer, with over 100 records. He is carrying Meyer Lysne´s compositions ín a unique way. In the compositions they are working with alternating different roles, which gives the music variation and a clearly dramaturgical structure. Through different moods and states of mind, the record brings the listener a story. The long run is as important as the small details.

“It is a rich, full listening experience”— MARK SULLIVAN, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“Gosh, what a brilliant shot!”— VINYL-FAN (DE)

“Meander is a wonderful album”— WRITTEN IN MUSIC, (NL)

“Together, these pieces suggest an emotional and colorful story about a mysterious and an inspiring region”— EYAL HAREUVENI, SALT PEANUTS* (NO)

“A gentle and extremely strong debut for Lysne, suggesting great potential as both composer and performer.”— OLAV OPSVIK, JAZZNYTT

“The beauty of the Nordic landscapes is conveyed by acoustic settings that pleasingly accentuate the interplay between the two”— TEXTURA (CA)

“Meander is full of sound experiences”— PETER LARSEN, BERGENS TIDENE (NO)

“An album with strong qualities”— ROALD HELGHEIM, DAGSAVISEN (NO)