Wendra Hill m/Øyvind Hegg-Lunde

Playdate Records

«Ungdomskilden» (the source of youth) is the second album of Wendra Hill, an improvisation collective started by the Oslo-based musicians Jo David Meyer Lysne and Joel Ring back in 2017. On this new release, they have teamed up with the distinctive Bergen-based drummer, Øyvind Hegg-Lunde.

The collective has found inspiration in textures of locked vinyl-grooves, shimmering transposed bass notes, and 80s electric drum pads for improvising around rhythmic structures. Forming a brutally beautiful improvised cacophony, and surprising and exciting song structures.

Making this record, Wendra Hill, fell in love with DIY lamination and got inspired to overcome their fear of snakes. The rhythmic patterns of a nightingale, tremolo raga-inspired cello, and child-like toy-synth phrases merge into a state and whole only this collective could have created.

Jo David Meyer Lysne (guitar, sampler, turntable, synth, pedal-steel) was born in Førde, but is now based in Oslo. His artistic discipline deals with visualization of sound, working with theatre, installation, and self-made instruments.

Joel Ring (electric bass, cello, sampler) was born in Växjö, Sweden. He is now based in Oslo, working with artists from a wide range of disciplines, and he has become a strong new voice on the scene. His inspiration is wide-spreading, ranging from noise to western classical music.

Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (drums, percussion, electronic drums) was born and raised in Lærdal and has a background in both rock, pop, jazz, and improvised music. He is one of Bergen's most exciting drummers, where he is active in amongst others Building Instrument, Erlend Apneseth Trio, Strings & Timpani, Electric Eye, and Jose Gonzales indie-band Junip. 


released January 29, 2021

All music by Wendra Hill
Recorded in Oslo, January 2019
Mixed by Anders Bjelland at Broen Studio, December 2019
Mastered by Kassian Troyer at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin
Cover photo by Joel Ring and Jo David Meyer Lysne
Cover design by Synne Amanda Salvesen

Thanks to Stephan Meidell, Anders Bjelland, Kassian Troyer, family and friends.