Niti (2023) for Vilde&Inga

Jo David Meyer Lysne

«In a more delicate meeting of musician and machine, violin and bass duo Vilde & Inga interact with composer and instrument builder Jo David Meyer Lynne’s contraptions. Made from an alloy which expands when heated, his instruments creak and hum in response to the duos dones, scrapes and harmonics.»

The Wire (UK)

«a poetic distillation of the action of playing a string instrument»

New York Times (US)

About "Niti"

Looking deep in to the fragile, intimate world of string instruments, composer and instrument builder Jo David Meyer Lysne augments the violin and double bass with his home–made mechanical instruments to create a new layer of listening intensity in his new workNiTi.In one of two world premieres for Borealis 2023, the dynamic Oslo string duo Vilde&Inga have worked intensively with Jo David as he tries to extend their rich and dynamic sound world with complementary mechanical objects. Joining the two master musicians on stage, adding a complementary musical layer, will be mechanical ropes, swinging metal and instruments inspired by 20th century Italian music–machines. Rather than distracting from the acoustic music, these fragile machines comes from Jo David’s deep love of the overtone rich nuanced music that comes from ancient wood and string instruments. specially when in the hands of those who are interested in alternative tuning and extended playing techniques coaxes forth whole new soundworlds. The title of the piece comes fromNitinol, a metalalloy of nickel and titanium, used in some of the new mechanical instruments in this piece. Also known as “memory metal”, the Nitinol can shift shape when heated, and then return to its previous form when cooled. These new instruments matched with the acoustic music of the duo creates a room for listening where the lines between the mechanical and organic are blurred.